English Foundation

Duration – (6 months)

About This Course

Duration – (6 months)

Class size : Maximum 15.
Lesson Duration : Mon-Thu 9.15- 4.00 pm | Fri 9.15-12.30 pm
Age : 16+
Skills : Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, Grammar and Accuracy Levels : 5 Levels from Elementary to Advanced
Tution Fee : GBP 6000
Entry Requirements : No qualification  required
Method : Classroom, Online or Blended
Our English Foundation course is excellent for those who need to improve quickly. Students will learn how to use English clearly and accurately quickly. This course will also teach students how to use English naturally in everyday situations. Classes focus on accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.
A mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking is used in class by experienced teachers. This English foundation course includes an extra hour daily to help students improve their pronunciation and knowledge of natural expressions.
In the mornings, we focus on grammar and English language use. In the afternoons, we focus on speaking, listening, reading, fluency and pronunciation. Students in this course should expect to improve their English skills.
Students will get sufficient hours of lessons per week and regular homework. Classes start in the morning and continue into the afternoon.
If you want to study the English Foundation Course for a maximum of 11 months as an international student, you must check the accredited institution, which you can find at the following links – https://www.gov.uk/visa-to-study-english/your-course

Application and Visa Requirements for Enrollment

Fill in the Application Form, submit/fax/email/post it back to us, send us a copy of your passport or ID and pay the fees for your chosen course.

If you need a student visa to come to the UK, you will have to provide the college with a scanned copy of your passport (the page with your photograph and personal details), bank statements, and a letter of intent. The college does not need the original copies of the documents. They can be faxed or scanned and sent to us by email. However, the embassy may require the original copies. Please get in touch with us by email if you have any more questions. Before enrolling at the London College of Advanced  Studies, we strongly advise you to check the complete immigration requirements at https://www.gov.uk/visa-to-study-english.                  And Cost of living requirements at https://www.gov.uk/student-visa/money

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